Campus Hostel

Campus Hostel
The hostel facility is available for students from class I to X. Hostel has a prescribed schedule in order to felicitate the maintenance of discipline and create a healthy routine. The Students are encouraged to maintain their own rooms and their belongings and keep the surroundings tidy.

Their weekends are scheduled with unlimited fun & frolic with indoor and outdoor activities, cultural programmes, picnics and leisure hours. The school supports various activities such as Sports, Light form Vocal and Instrumental, Sketching, Drawing, Painting, other Fine Arts and Crafts etc.,

Wardens, like effective guardians regularly inspect the bedrooms and studies, and check on the student's diet, personal hygiene, skin and hair care, the availability of toiletries and the condition of clothes. Theyliaise closely with the academic staff to monitor the quality of students' prep and other academic work. Most important of all, they carry a major responsibility for the happiness and integration of students and for keeping in close touch with their parents. Strict discipline is maintained at all times with a comfortable margin of freedom necessary for young people to grow in a healthy manner.


The best part of these trips is the experience that students get
Clen & Hygenic Food
Safely Receive and Drop

Every year, we plan to publish our own school magazine for the benefit of all the students and give them an opportunity to express their creative skills. Here we have for your reading pleasure the magazine divided in sections as per the language. These magazines are converted into PDF format for your easy download and reading purpose. You need to have any supporting PDF Viewer installed like Adobe Reader / Foxit Reader etc... to view these files.