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School Events

There were many interesting events. There were also separate events for boys and girls.The children are allowed to develop their skills and capabilities with a flexible curriculum and with the help of outdoor classes, learning materials, craft, painting, music, and drama.

School Achievments

Hence, we conduct events wherein children can learn through multiple interactions with the community and the community also benefits through the efforts of & interactions with our children and staff.

School Celebrations

The various celebrations and events at the school are designed to foster connections amongst the school community members and also with the external community members towards the larger interest of national development through good education.

Social Events

Festivals, celebrations and social get-togethers are an integral part of life at Yogananda School. Students, faculty, staff and family come together to celebrate national holidays, Indian and international festivals, cultural events, alumni reunions, sports meets, Graduation Day, and more.

Regular Programs/Activities